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Why Use Teeksna?


Protect the environment by producing less waste


Save money by making your blades last longer


Protect precious raw materials like TUNGSTEN & MOLYBDENUM

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Salient Features of Teeksna


Sharpen your blades with ease

Elegantly designed for ease of use. Comes with an accompanying stand.

Traditionally, the use of sandwich razor blades and single-use razor blades has increased phenomenally, leading to great stress on the environment.

Teeksna Razor Sharpener has been elegantly designed keeping your needs in mind. The unique curved surface makes it easy to move the used razor blade along the special rubber containing the abrasive particles. Teeksna Razor Sharpener is mounted easily on the accompanying stand to occupy the pride of place. Hold it easily in your hand while running the razor over it.

Technology in the play

Experience in surface finishing and coating technologies, RRR Labs

Based on decades of experience in surface finishing and coating technologies, RRR Labs have designed and developed Teeksna Razor Sharpener completely in-house, investing 40 Months in developing the product to its present form. Based on feedback from users like you, new products and applications based on Teeksna will be developed.

Teeksna Razor Sharpener has been designed, developed and manufactured in-house by the makers of TAMRA® Copper-coated drinking water bottles (tamralife.com).


Be Environmentally Conscious

Save Environment & Save Money by making the razor blades last longer

Help fight environmental pollution : By using Teeksna Razor Sharpener, you are not only saving on purchases of expensive sandwich blades, but also generating less personal garbage.

Contributes to intelligent use of scarce resources. Shaving blades are made of special, corrosion-resistant steel alloys containing scarce metals such as molybdenum and titanium. By using Teeksna Razor Sharpener, you are making such scarce metals available for more critical applications, such as body implants.

Extended life for your Razor Blades

Non Hazardous Material used in the making of Teeksna

Teeksna Razor Sharpener has been basically developed to extend the life of the sandwich razor blade by re-sharpening the blade again and again. The life of the razor blade is easily extended by 4-5 times or more.

Several other applications are possible for the Teeksna Razor Sharpener, such as in botany tool kits. Teeksna Razor Sharpener is manufactured using well-known raw materials and does not become a hazardous waste at the end of its long life.


The Teeksna Razor Sharpner

Teeksna keeps the razor blade clean and sharp by a very simple technique. The life of the blade increases easily by at least 3 to 4 times, thus cutting significantly on your razor blade purchases.

Conceptualised keeping in mind the needs of the end-user, Teeksna Razor Sharpener has been elegantly designed in such a way that it can be used again and again in a simple manner. The ‘heart’ of Teeksna Razor Sharpener is a unique rubber pad containing abrasive particles, on which a used razor blade is moved in one direction for a few times with a little pressure. A few drops of shaving foam put on the surface of the rubber pad makes it easy to move the used blade. The blade becomes sharp again after it has been moved in the same direction for 4-5 times!

The life of the double- or multi-sandwich razor is extended by atleast 3 to 4 times, if not more, by using the Teeksna Razor Sharpener. The unique rubber pad hardly wears out. Hold the Teeksna Razor Sharpener in your hand. Thus, Teeksna Razor Sharpener becomes your companion for years – whether you are at home or on the move.

Teeksna Razor Sharpener is an ideal surprise gift which will make people envy. It gives a touch of modernity and elegance and doesn’t occupy much space in your cosmetics pouch or on your bathroom shelf.

Indian Patent Application No. 201921005326.